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Snow ride to chail

Bike and snow

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Last week it was Snow ride to Haripurdhar.I had no plans for this week but the KEEDA never goes by your plans.Saturday i got my bull serviced and wanted to ride to the hills again soon and it had been a while i had done a solo ride.So Snow ride to chail it was.

Started at around 8 from zirakpur.filled petrol and air and it was all Highway till Dharampur.Had breakfast at Modern dhaba Dharampur.The pranthas were a bit smaller but they were good.30 minutes there and started again for Solan.Reached kumarhatti and took the solan highway rather than going via barog.it was the ist mistake of the ride.The solan stretch was under construction and they had poured water on it to eliminate the dust.result was a slippery road which i had to negotiate with slow speed.Somehow i reached Solan entry and happened the second mistake.Instead of taking Bypass i went through solan city.Traffic and narrow road added to the already gone precious time given the fact i had plans to reach zirakpur back by 2

After crossing solan i reached kandaghat in no time keeping the speed a bit above normal.fron kandaghat sadhupul is 12 kms and from sadhupul, chail is another 12kms.initial plan was to visit kali ka tibba and then eat lunch at sharma ji ka famous dhaba at Janedghat whch was another 8 kms from chail.

Just a few kms from chail traces of snow started appearing.Reached chail and took the road to kali ka tibba which too had snow all over sides and some patches on the road.Thanks to the fall i had last year while on chakrata on such patches i was extra careful not to mess with those.Kept the bike on those traces made by 4 wheelers.Thats the best you can do while riding on snow.Had just covered 6 kms out of 8 when i saw more snow and then the road was more inclined.Stopped to click some pics and was a couple of local bikes parked there.Then a few cars came that way and i knew why those bikes were parked there.The road was slippery and there were a few trees that fell due to some activity and those leaves on the road added to the misery.It was slush , snow and leaves on that stretch which made the road difficult to cross even for cars.a local car had to reverse back to the initial start point to go back again as he could cross it on the ist try.Thats when i told myself “bas bhai bhaut hai yahan tak aa gya.Mataji ko next time mil lena.”

I felt bad as it was just 2 kms left for the highest point in chail and it would have presented a beautiful oppurtunity for me to click some really nice pics.it was already around 12:30 so i had to turn back quickly and go to Janedghat which was 14 kms from there.I knew the road conditions now and but it was just a trailor of what was in for me on that stretch.Kali ka tibba road had snow mostly on sides of the road.Janedgat road had all over it.So let the fun begin.Till chail there were a few 2 wheelers on that road but after chail for next 8 kms there were only 4 wheelers and everyone of them was looking at me trying to ride the bull with my feet on the road, trying hard to keep myself from falling and still not turning back.Somehow i kept moving slowly and reached Janedghat at around 1:30 .Had lunch at the Sharmas.They serve you a thali which consists of 4 sabzis/daal , rotis and Rice for 120.After a few click there started the journey back.The same slippery roads and the same me trying hard not to fall.Had a sigh of relief after reaching chail chowk.Then it was all cruising time.The road from chail to kandaghat had improved a lot from last time i visted chail.Didnt had much stops on the way back and was home at around 5.

KEEDA shaant for another week now.


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